• Lhea

Seeding love

Seeding love

in my heart

is seeding love in time and space - eternally.

Seeding love heals the broken, the wounded parts of one's self.

This is a radical act of selflove. And selflove is changing the world.

By cultivating love in our heart

we cultivate love in the worlds heart.

By cultivating love in our body

we cultivate love in the hole earth body.

Cultivating love for one another

transforms our earth community into a loving community on earth.

I will not miss one chance to cultivate love.

Not for myself,

not for you,

not for anyone or anything.

I will love myself

I will love you

I contribute my love for mother earth, for the goddesses in the sky and in the deep,

I give my love to the oceans, the trees, the animals

to my sisters and brothers of all colors and cultures

to my whole kin family that is this earth, that is this love.

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