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She Danced​

she danced for the love she felt the love she gave away and the love she kept​

she danced to free her spirit and to free other spirits too she danced in response to joy and to process pain she moved her body like her life depended on it praying for love to come, for sadness to go she danced in gratitude

she danced for all the people who can’t dance for themselves she also taught others to dance for justice, for truth, for possibility for healing the broken-hearted she danced to break the ties that bind our women ~ our mothers to bring awareness and healing

she danced to break open the hearts of our men ~ our fathers to bring truth and compassion to invite friendship and art into the open spaces that the dance created

she danced to keep the flame of true love burning she danced when she was too tired to walk she danced between the worlds

she danced because a celebration calls for dancing the twirl of skirts the rhythm of feet the snapping and clapping, the exultant inhale and exhale

she danced with lovers, she danced with friends she danced alone too because some nights we all dance alone and because sometimes dancing is all that can be done

she danced for the artists and musicians and scientists and alchemists and midwives and physicians and housewives and gas stationers and waitresses and poets and for all who work too too hard, for too too little

she danced for all the creators of invention and those whose gift is just: TO BE. she danced to dislodge the caught gifts struggling to get free in each of us

she danced for the living and for the dead in birth and in mourning for peace, beauty and creative expression she danced our prayers all the way to GOD which isn’t so very far after all…

“Shall we dance?” asked the Creator of Dance they danced until the sun came up and this time, she didn’t have to lead.

(Shiloh Sophia, ©2015)

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